Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Britannica Blog - Circus Animals: Abused and Dangerous

Elephants in Chains - Courtesy of PETA

The Britannica Blog has an interesting and depressing post on Circus Animals: Abused and Dangerous. If people would stop patronizing circuses with animals, this would come to an end. After all, these circuses are in it for the money.
Circus Bans
More than a dozen municipalities in the United States have banned performances that feature wild animals. Costa Rica, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, India, and Austria ban or restrict wild animal performances nationwide. Districts in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and Greece ban some or all animal acts. PETA has been campaigning in the United States for specific bans on the most abusive circus practices, including chaining elephants and using training tools that cause pain and suffering, such as bullhooks and electric prods.
You can also visit this PETA site on Circuses.

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