Wednesday, October 24, 2007


While dedicated to Animal Rights in Puerto Rico, we will be posting and adding information related to animal rights elsewhere. My views are just that: mine, and I do not purport to speak for anyone else. While I have always been interested in Animal Rights, recent events in Puerto Rico (I will refer to this as the Barceloneta Massacre and/or the Barceloneta case) have prompted me to become more of an open advocate for animal rights. These events have also brought a lot of attention to the issue of animal rights in Puerto Rico, and perhaps will prompt our legislative, executive and judicial branches of government to take stronger actions for the protection of animals. As a result of these events, I came to learn that the Puerto Rico Bar Association had a Special Commission on the Rights of Animals, which I have since offered to join.

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nils said...

Could someone please organize a protest or do something about the animal research facility being built in Guayama, PR? I almost cried looking at videos in the news of monkeys being "tortured" at this so called medical research facilities. One monkey was spread out as in being cruxified and you should have seen his eyes looking like a little kid scared to death while a researcher was about to puncture him. It is torture and inhumane to say the least!